Jan 18, 2009

2nd Adjustment and a new wire!

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It's now just under 2 months into treatment and couldn't be happier! So far, no major pain and I'm really impressed with how quickly my teeth have moved. The down sides?

  1. They're moving so fast that already the wires are poking through into my cheeks within a couple of days of being clipped and I'm getting excessive rubbing (but wax fixes this immediately)
  2. I'm getting strange white patches on my 1st molars and bottom of an incisor, not like calcification (looks like bonding is in my future)
  3. The chip in my front tooth is now terribly obvious because my front teeth are now nice and straight!
These are all things that are easily addressed either now or once the braces are off and they're totally minor compared to how happy I am about my teeth!

I got a little worried about the white patches on my molars, which are the ones that have molar bands around them, and on the lower edge of the incisor that was originally behind the other teeth and suspect it's the hydrogen peroxide I've been rinsing with to keep my ligatures clear. I've used H2O2 for over a year as a rinse and have never noticed that it whitens my teeth so I'm not totally sure this is the cause (and why would my other teeth not be whitening?) but regardless I've stopped using this as a rinse and have done something naughty - I bought clear ligs so I can change them myself!
I've already done this once, and boy, I can't believe how easy it was! I only plan on doing this once in between visits, but it means I can ease up on the too aggressive tooth brushing and in fact the ligs I bought seem to be more stain resistant that the orthos. Next time I change the ligs I'll take photos and do a mini tutorial on it. I read all these things about needing clamps and goodness knows what, but I didn't need anything like that.

Any way, here are the progress pics and the 'real life' shot so you can see how things are going:

Normal Smile:

Upper Arch:

Lower Arch:

Day One Comparison:

Full Face:

Jan 3, 2009

A wonderful Christmas present!

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I took mum out last night to check out the Christmas lights on Franklin Road, and afterwards we popped over to the giant Christmas tree in Vic Park. While we were there I took a few photos of mum and I giving Santa a call on the Santa line...

It wasn't until I got home I noticed something really odd about the pictures. I couldn't quite pick it out and forgot about it. The next morning while I was printing them out it struck me. These were the first photos I had ever allowed to be taken of me as an adult from my left side and I didn't even think about it while I was taking the shot or looking at the photo!

It just shows how comfortable I already am with the braces and the results - a month ago I would never have allowed this to happen as it would catch my snaggly tooth in full light. I had a beauty spot removed from that side at the beginning of the year and haven't had any real photo's of my 'new look' taken 'til now because of the teeth, so it's a double Christmas present (plus I got some lovely shots of me and my mum!) :)

Santa Line Photo:
Under the Christmas Tree:
Franklin Road Reindeer: