Feb 20, 2009

Adjustment 3 and another new wire :)

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At my last adjustment, my ortho upped my wire strength and told me that I had approx. 9 more wires to work through before I was finished in total, and 3-4 more wires before he started closing my gaps.

He capped it off by saying that if they kept moving well, I'd get a new wire again next time. Naturally I've spent the last few weeks hoping with everything I have that I would get a new wire this time! The point of this being that I showed up at this appointment terribly nervous, because I desperately wanted to move to a new wire and lo and behold, while I didn't get a new one on the bottom, I did get a new one on top.

This time there was no discomfort at all when he changed my ligs and not even any tightness with the new wire (I love the tight feeling, it makes it feel like stuff is really going on). However for within 2 hrs a couple of my lower teeth started screaming with pain. Caveat: the pain doesn't bother me at all, I take it as a good sign! So, as this was the only real pain that I've felt since the spacers I had a quick check in the mirror to make sure it all looked OK, and I couldn't believe it when I saw that in that 2 hrs one of my more stubborn wayward teeth which was quite out of line had moved into place almost perfectly! So the pain was worth it :)

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